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By: Stan Tennen

Why are the Jews spoken of in tradition and scripture as The Chosen People? Why was such a strict warning put in place to discourage scribes and scribblers from altering even the smallest bits of the Bible? Even as individuals and societies are maturing from magical and mythic to rational and trans-rational understandings of themselves and the world, answers to these questions seem to be emerging from the background noise – where, it seems they had been hidden in plain sight.

As Stan writes in his news letter, (Oct. 2011), from which I have excerpted and edited a few sentences, “A functioning science of consciousness would have real implications for personal health and global healing. For example… a caring minyan, (group of ten or more persons), can maintain and correct, if necessary the health of each of the individuals. Thus, if one member is deficient in some regard – has an illness or a limitation – they would be brought up to health by immersion in the waters of the consciousness of the entirety of the Minyan. By this means it might be possible to demonstrate the actual, objective healing qualities of a properly functioning minyan/assembly. Diseases of the mind, and also diseases of gene expression, might be directly affected. This is, potentially, a real effect that can be demonstrated to be either true or not. All of this and much more, comes with the recovery of meaningful structure to the letters and the alphabet as a whole.” Continue Reading

Excerted from a review for: “A Heart Blown Open” by Keith Martin-Smith

The Life Story of JunPo, Denis Kelly Roshi:

I must start by explaining that I’ve known the central character in this story for 38 years. I found myself riveted by his presence the first night I met him at “Johnny’s” house when I was a mere twenty years old. He continues to guide and challenge me and all who know him these many years later.

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This review by Tom Carroll is for: Kosmic Consciousness (Audio CD)  by Ken Wilber  originally posted on:

Wilber’s audio series Kosmic Consciousness is fascinating – though caution is advised as it is cerebral in the extreme. Wilber does the cognitive side – setting the stage for the work – all the practices – the contemplative work. Said another way – Ken has drawn a map of human experience, integrating everyday life and exotic spiritual potential. The value here is that Wilber’s Integral theory, (map), allows the user to see both the larger forest they’ve been “wondering” in, and the individual trees – including those that we may have already climbed, chopped down, admired from afar – even the one you may at this moment be camped beneath. Kosmic Consciousness will live in my iPod forever – or at least until iPods are replaced by something even cooler.

For anyone headed for the High Country – this 10 CD audio series is a must. It might even make you wish that long drive you have in front of you was one disk longer!

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