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I hope you don’t see this until tomorrow – the 5th – or later. I hope you spent all day  – on the 4th – visiting with friends and family – attending parades. Most of all, I hope you were witness to a great fireworks show.

Here’s a ramble, updated from sometime back – a reminiscence, offering a perspective most are not fortunate to be part of. A story of The Fourth of July from a Pyro’s close up view, our dance with fire. Fire destroys. Fire sustains life and brings people together. And sometimes, fire ignites imagination!

As a very young child my transcendental intuition was literally ignited by fire on Independence Day. In small town Lakeview, perched on Oregon’s high desert, residents came together for a community picnic. Later, the fireworks displays were held at a drive-in movie theater.

I was three, no more than four years old when following the films, (there were always two back then), I watched as an aerial shell rose into the air on a column of purple fire – a comet tail tracing the shells path until the moment it broke – exploding across the sky with such beauty that this memory continues to burn the retina of my mind’s eye.

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