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This past Sunday afternoon, refreshingly candid, humorously irreverent – teacher and counselor, Eva Marice conducted the first of three classes for people like myself who felt a need to brush up on their public speaking skills. “You must love yourself” said Eva. You must first of all, love yourself if you want to connect with an audience. This somewhat surprising – almost counter intuitive insight is the basis of compassionate expression, Eva explained. Loving yourself allows you, as a public speaker to give the audience your full attention. A person who love’s them self – is much more relaxed and sensitive to those seated in front of them – sensitive to the needs and shifting mood of their audience. Continue Reading

( #TheOracle March 18, 2015 ) – Among the selections, many who attended this years Sedona, International Film Festival sat in on multiple screening of Rooted In Peace. In this award winning, energetic quest for answers, filmmaker Greg Reitman takes viewers on a journey, crisscrossing the world and into the presence of notables, Deepak Chopra, and Desmond Tutu. Viewers hear the words and music of, Pete Seeger, Donovan, and Beach Boy, singer, songwriter, Mike Love. These and more share the experience of their lives as it applies to the central question: Peace – why is it so illusive? What will bring peace to our increasingly un-peaceful world? Also introduced to viewers is Britta, woman of personal interest to Greg. Soon the two are married and life goes on. Continue Reading

Here are some words from Friend and Medical Intuitive, Catherine Carrigan.


Catherine writes:

One of the many blessings of following the steps in my recent Amazon No. 1 best seller, Unlimited Energy Now, is that you get to develop a deep reservoir of inner well being.
At first, it’s very helpful to learn what actually works to build your personal energy.Unlimited Energy Now teaches you what you can do on every level – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Small practical steps. Easy to understand language. Even if you are totally exhausted, believe me, you will get the message.As you become more practiced, however, you can begin to let go of the need for external conditions and become a source of well being for yourself and everyone else.As you build your own well being, you can experience happiness no matter what is actually going on around you.How do you do this?How do you develop the habit of unconditional well being?