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In a previous posting, “we” discussed the pitfalls of Spiritual Leadership – more to the point the potential for disaster at the hands of a Spiritual teacher who uses his or her position to take advantage of a student. Wow! Juicy! Makes you mad to think about it! Makes me mad to think of that Nun who spanked me with a ruler – “I know it was sexuality gone sideways that drove her to it – and I hate her!”

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Sedona AZ (July 18, 2012) – A friend wrote this week, remarking on a topic that just keeps coming around – Spiritual abuse – or simply, abuse of power in spiritual communities. Her remarks were interesting and coincidental with my own just the day before – as I shared conversation with a friend and teacher on the same subject. The question was;

“At what point is an (1) enlightened person free from the common temptations – sex, money and power?” Continue Reading