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It’s now September – Labor Day weekend. For most – the last weekend of cook outs and camp fires. This last of Summer’s celebrations filling us full for a winter. It’s Labor Day and even after a little rain, the gathering reminds me of the Forth of July and all the July Forth celebrations that went before. Fall rains bring to a close the wild fire season. Fire, that destroys, requiring rebuilding and new growth. Fire bringing lives together. And fire that ignites imagination.

As a very young child my transcendental intuition was literally ignited by fire on independence day. After the community picnic, the fireworks displays were held at a drive-in movie theater. I was three, no more than four years old when following the films – there were always two back then – I saw an aerial shell rise on a column of purple fire, a comet tail tracing the shells path until the moment it broke – exploding across the sky with such beauty that this memory continues to burn the retina of my mind’s eye. Which is probably why, years later I operated a display fireworks business. When asked, I’ve always thought and said that it was because of that purple comet, way back when I kid. Long before I knew the word or its meaning – I’d seen the Transcendent. Continue Reading