A Tour Of the Universe, Inside And Out

Sacred Space

So what about this image of Christ and the Buddha? In that special way in which a single image can stand in for a thousand words or more, the image is a statement: Christian maturity requires that we Transcend and Include. Transcending our personal investment – our valuations of the many denominations within the Christian family. And inclusion of other disciplines who’s “Eye is Single” – those who value the same prize – the mind of Christ, which like the rose, smells just as sweet though called by another name. Those who recoil in disbelief that Buddhists could be counted in this number have been too quick to dismiss our Eastern brothers and  slow to appreciate the implications of the words of The Master. Redressing these misunderstandings may take a little time – but there is nothing I’d rather do than help put an end to our mistrust, born of misunderstanding.

In relation to our personal understanding and stages of development, it is a relief to simply accept that while some lag behind – others have excelled and have much to share with those of us willing to hear. We will never all be at the same level of maturity. However, we can begin to see that people develop through a series of predictable stages which present themselves in unique and predictable ways. We all come this way – the same stages in the same order. This being the case there is no room for chauvinism. In one context we may appear as rather more adult. While in still another setting – among those farther along the way, we are childlike. Child, adult – all deserve love and respect. God – being Life and Love – God is all there is to see or be. Who among us is too “advanced” to love God and respect all his children?

This site is for those who are ready to take in – to put on – the fullness of Salvation – the restoration of Deep, Clear Mind – the Mind of Christ. Mankind has been given an opportunity to Transcend and Include; transforming our old separatist tendencies as we include practices from a wide range of other disciplines. The result is not heresy or the bland stew of syncretism. Instead – Belief About – is being replaced with – Possession Of – the Mind of Christ. Along the way we will enjoy rich new relationships, wider perspectives and increasing access to Peace that Passes Understanding. It is time to rejoin the family of man – to rejoin the dance where we all can smile as we show off the steps we have learned.